cortexical planetary tissues
are now a fact of history.

But how real
to our mindal visualizational inner power centers
may it appear
that a ParmaNoospherical superlayer
has already begun its transformative formation
to the point where
enough of us may come to unanimously
properly denominate it?

This shall be good for religion
and for science.

... Chris,
presenting facts with elegance through beauty
is wise.

Why not upstepping
such mindal systemics
of human knowledgical activity
(as your very delicious wiki drafts)
fully into another
Internet master piece?

for all of us,
and even others,
is of an invaluable assistance and worth.

thank you for doing,
thank you for bringing,
thank you for being.





clear view
of these representations,
it shall come to develop
that the XHP
shall unfold
as it should.

Xzna Y St

esse & i,
Montreal, 2007




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