[ 11 x 11 Matrix ]

MONA GI100 Behringer                    
FIREFACE800 GI100 NewBehringer LaptopBakpak                    
FIREFACE800 GI100 2120 AGSTOMP NewBehringer                    
MONA GI100 2120 AGSTOMP Behringer                    
Cue List mtl of ANGELZ S100/RP14                    
MONA Behringer                    
MONA 2120 BEH                    
D820 1616M 2120 ControlONE ZOOM XIO25                    






Here are outlined the 3 essential startup kits that CWBP shall use to heavily perform & promote XZNN in any situation or budget (more kits shall be put together as XZNN progresses and each kit shall be compacted individually so that no further repluging is necessitated before performances (kits such as PsychoAcoustic kits, Environmental kits, etc)). Kits can be used interchangeably for any schteimer level or for GA, WO or VO, and all this in accordance with the particular requirements of the ongoingly performed composition.

When truck transportation is available
For larger Gamz & small SGDs
[[Priority/existing kit: only needs to be complementing by the renting of a compressor for balancing 602A and replacing the LinMB plus the desired powered P.A.]]

- one rackmount on wheels
- dedicated laptop on "tablette roulante" or rack mount computer with flat screen
- soundcard = Mona, or new one (Fireface400) if you give xaya/mona/602A to SYZYJY
- 2120
- mixer = UB1622FX PRO or Chandler (
- compressor = focusrite or Chandler
- plus any trippy outboard gear and pedal you may desire
(Tube Screamer TS808, Boss HeavyMetal Fuzz, Boss OC-3, EH Deluxe Electric Mistress, ... )
- cables + power bars

When available transportation is whether bus, normal taxi, metro or even walking
For experimental GAMZ and Pueblas Ceremonias

- one PakSak with mexican blanket
- (if possible)mic stand + sm57
- Stein/VOX or J200/VOX and/or (found!: if do not want to carry existing one, though bring 2xBearCaps)HB/VOX (all straight to soundcard)
- dedicated laptop
- soundcard = Fireface400 (and provided that soundcard's headphones out is loud enough)
- compressorless (needless: playing mostly through "hard" mono lowfi P.A.s)
- customized cables + power bar

When walking (with plenty of batteries) is the only thing you can do
For Street promo-tests and Montana Dios experiments

- one PakSak (such as the one Sandra bought in Mexico in our 2009 trip) with one Oaxacan blanket
- (if possible)mic stand******* + sm57
- Stein/VOX or J200/VOX or (found!: if do not want to carry existing one, though bring 2xBearCaps)VIRGINWO/VOX (all straight to soundcard)
- dedicated ALIENWARE Core Duo 2 QUAD/12MB Cache/4GB RAM laptop (with 2 to 4 extra batteries)
- soundcard = Fireface400*** *** *** (laptop firewire bus powered)(and provided that soundcard's headphones out is loud enough)
- maybe GI100 (phamtom powered)
- maybe 2xC414-like excellent mics for stereo acoustical amazing sound captures w/o AC in superb acoustic rooms and churches
- Sony MDR-7509 Headphones
- IDEALLY, FOR BEST vox RESULTS one Behringer XENYX 5in+2AUX or the model just smaller than that
- Busking P.A. = 4 x Mini Marshalls (with lots of batteries)
- customized cables

Can also buy in country travelled the SOUNDCARD, THE 3 STICKS, BEHRINGER MIXER

*******: ... made up of 3 sticks {made of bamboo, found wood or light telescopic aluminium-check at camera supply stores} (maybe one needs to be a bit longer so as to permit the 2 shorter sticks to be standing on a vertical plane so that this whole tripod may be placed on one of my side to allow for enough space for WO placement) of about 2.5 foot long attached by a jute string at about 1 to 2 inches [just enough to attach with a second string the SM57 which will rest right on top of that node: make sure the sticks do not go higher than the sm57 so as to not hide your face when you sing] from the top thus standing similarily to a tippi. Can be build anywhere in the world: no need to carry those sticks, find them on your way instead.

*** *** ***: other potential soundcards each bus powered are DIGIDESIGN M-Box series, MOTU UltraLite mk3, APOGEE Duet, ECHO DIGITAL AUDIO Indigo series & AudioFire series, TASCAM US series & Battery Powered Mini 4-Track Recorder USB, EDIROL FA and UA series, M-AUDIO ProFire series, EMU Creative 0404 USB 2.0

Light AC PUBS/Flamenco-like PAKSAK
When available transportation is whether bus, normal taxi, metro or even walking
For unceremonious free solo jams/rehearsals in town a la flamenco

- one PakSak
- J200 or even HB (straight into UB1204FX PRO
- One Behringer UB1204FX PRO (onboard fx used for GA[or Root] rvb as with Bart small board in Malvina)
- One Digitech S100 for Vox fat ddl
- cables needed

When feeling to only play guitar (with plenty of batteries)
For Street or Intuition Revealed PowerSpots rehearsals as near Human Wavz GAMZ: to give, give, rehearse,live & give

- live Acoustic Vox on top !
- my beloved Leather Handbag
- Stein or J200 or even HB (all straight into mini Marshall Amps
- One or two mini Marshall Amps (batteries)
- maybe one Boss Digital Delay pedal for Stein [Vivaldian Syekllz] rehearsals (batteries)
- cables needed (only 2 to 3 with on "y" adaptor)

When you feel to plug your electric straight into a Marshall & sing through one Lexicon
For RealGygz [similaruly to VxOnneVx] GAMZ and to be used along any other Kits

- my beloved Leather Handbag
- Stein or Mescalito Wyngz (straight into Marshall Amps
- 2120
- digital delay or Lexicon multi-processor for Vox
- cables needed

When as well as where needs need to be closer to a finer, deeper & fuller expression of the theoritical level of Nature Philletique
For a multicpu serial and/or parallel sound processing virtual environment

- as many motherboards as you can spdifly synchronize on
- one (or even many) soundcards [all computer/soundcard need not to be synchronized: EnvironmentalSchteimer, for example, levels do not need to !!! See NEXX of EEVOCREMA.rtf]
- one (or as much as needed) mulitichannel analog broadcast audio mixers, tube preamps & compressors (Avalon, ...)
- cables needed

When a "truck gig" is performed, any number/configuration of kits can be mixed in parallel (or some even in series !) through a main sum board (using even the Europack 602A !) or each kit can be feeding its dedicated stereo P.A. for outstanding surround sound.

Non Symetrical Spatial Dynamics
& Additive Mixing Synthesis

The Mackie Studio Reference Monitors are also used live (as the 7th P.A. stereo pair, near CWBP playing area and possibly as his personal stage monitoring if not feedbacking - otherwise CWBP uses his Sony headphones as monitors).


WHEN TRULY SERIOUS EXPERIENTIAL TRAVELLING/TOURING Tierra U Esse HAS COMMENCED (CWBP travelling only with a cocoon, cell phone and Kfreyndzless(!!!)), KFREYNDZ arrive on location with dedicated Driver(s)/Roady(s) according to CWBP near realtime decisions which are directly communicated through his cell phone to the Booker/manager who right away arranges such bookings and then commands the Driver(s)/Roady(s) the where&when to show up, plus, sends the chosen P.A. rental company along with their dedicated staff to set the P.A.s at the same spot/time.

[have yourself a Mexican Acoustic guitar with those soft strings similar to the Jola you bought for 20$us with Araz in Mexico City in front of the cathedral (or a sitar when in India, or an amazing flute when in Arabia, ...) ... You can buy it when you will be at the point where, after sufficient rejuvenation and regeneration as you travel lightly & completly free, you really feel the urge to play & sing again guitar songs as you continue your adventure (cassless, very light, so easy to carry on one shoulder) ... Have its frets perfectly tuned for an extra amount but have it done on that same simple Jola design ]

And you may carry on you all of the time a couple of (better than Beer Caps piezos) Polymer Belt Mics [check PICKUP THE WORLD (speak to Dave on the phone, Colorado) on Google: ref = real cool bassist boyfreind of Jackie of Lavazza] for newly discovered WO you may fix ahead of gigs at your own pace









Carl William Burton Poirier