This letter has been sent by email to 'The Editor'
at the 17 december 2004


I am Carl William Burton Poirier. And here is a presentation of my project called XZNN which is my lifework.

I present it to you hoping to find:

1. One core Executive-Administrative Associate: the right audacious and Thought Adjuster guided partner, male or female.

2. Sponsorial funding as described in

I am a multidiciplinary creator prioritarily focalized in (live religion) music. Born French-Canadian in 1965 in Québec city, now living in Montréal.

My Associate shall be as dedicated, exalted & inspired by her businessworld executive integrational efforts as I am by my artistic creational endeavors with regard to such a project as described herein. I love above all to complexly conceptualize then simply express that which God inspires me. My Associate shall likewise delight in progressively resolving augmented spiritual integration of true religious living expression within the worldwide various scenes & marketplaces. As I courageously dare to do our Father's will, so shall my Associate.

The XZNN mission statement ( ) might be somewhat equated to a contributive effort intending to essentially neutralize and, ideally, to further activate the replete spiritual encompassment of such projects as HARP, the Anglo-Dutch Financier-Oligarchic System¹ and any similar Caligastian derivative attempts, for, "Spiritual victories can be won only by spiritual power".

I increasingly suspect that it may turn out to be wise & necessary for me to cease to "scientifically" develop, let alone to "simply" describe, exhaustively the many XZNN topics. Self-limiting thus myself to the sole public expression of their synthetical integration: (their) 'realtime' universal-music-language translation. And, all of this, live, uniquely by the power of my very own unificative personality but firstly because of the incomprehensible unlimitedness of Esse, my Thought Adjuster/Controller. In other words, what God so generously ordains me to communicate may be best fully transmissible only through (the) music (language), for, a properly articulated sound represents a thousand words and a million images ! ( read the quote in blue fonts in ).

Ianis Xenakis once replied that he was, through his music, "thinking the universe", and, likewise, I strive to directly encode the needy human superconciousness ( ).

If so divinely instructed, I may even, eventually or sooner, come to refrain from producing any recorded material whatsoever, since I have already been thus guided around 1989. Therefore, concentrating exclusively on the eventuation of Unrecordable Music so as to leave no (static material) trace but into (dynamic spiritual) living consciousness. Because, by so doing, and after having sufficiently drafted its theoretical mecanisms, as my truest role model and elder brother Jesus destroyed his own writtings before starting on his core mission, all this shall free my time & mind as well as simplify my Associate's work notwithstanding the avoidance of unnecessary exposure of otherwise potentially provocative materials. For all this work is essentially aimed at freely/stringlessly offering Sakred Geometrykll Dreamz ( AND EVENTS.htm ) as well as actualizing Montana Dios ( ) while ultimatly effectualizing the activation of the non-linear Web Ov Exystanss in and by Tierhra Lumyna through the Tierra U Esse adventure.

In the final analysis, XZNN is believed to be a worthy human effort in translating as well as reflecting such an amazing reality as:

"The growth of the Almighty is centered on the Absolutes of actuality and predicated on the Absolutes of potentiality. But the functions of the Almighty Supreme are related to the functions of the ParadiseTrinity" [1304,4] ( ).

I therefor endeavor, while performing/offering live, to harness/invoke the Seven Absolutes Of Infinity all the while suplicating/whorshiping God within-with the original Trinity. And while none of this is explicitly apparent to the gathering audiences, it remains directly perceived, felt and received by the peoples, Urantia as well as all the way up to Paradise: everywhere our human callings being heard, that we, Urantians, proclaim our desire to effect God's rule on Earth and even to the whole Cosmos ( Audio UNYVERSEZ.htm#Tierra Lumyna Strategy ).

That cannot hurt! And that is what I mean by dreaming together, for, by doing so we will greatly assist the "meek to inherit the Earth". And with God, everything, everything is possible.

Because XZNN music is truly powerful, and provided that it shall be properly promoted and rightfully offered, because it is neither 'newage' nor 'religiously' sounding or tinted, it shall come to pass in a way that will directly get to the soul of many, many true children of the Most Highs who await this vibration for much needed spiritual nourishment and survival vigorousness. And since the main lyrics pronounced throughout all of the songs are 'God' and 'It is my will that your infinite will be eternally done, Oh Father', many previously unsure brothers & sisters shall be further enticed to start to whorship the Universal Living Father of all.

Although The Vyzyon outlines the fuller scope of the financial aspects of XZNN ( ) and that the XHP ( ) represents XZNN's latest powerplan formulative effort, XZNN simply requires, for its next developmental phase, the progressive application of the commonly agreed upon plan of action in accordance with the startup funding realistically available.

As of now, and for my part, I am ready to start the implemention of any of the existing XZNN power plan of action within 3 month from funding. Although, regardless of substantial outside funding, we shall commence the XZNN survival contigency plan of action by Febuary 15th 2005.

But be not discouraged; some day a real musician may appear on Urantia, and whole peoples will be enthralled by the magnificent strains of his melodies. One such human being could forever change the course of a whole nation, even the entire civilized world. It is literally true, "melody has power a whole world to transform." Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits. Harmony is the speech of Havona. [500,5]

Reply to or contact me at (514) 842-7322

Sincerely yours

1: Replete related references and exhaustive informations through as well as the magazines Fidelio(Schiller Institute, and EIR









To people with taste and sufficient wealth,
offer private SGD/Gamz, outdoors as well as indoors, fully self(Xznn) produced
in exchange of upfront money for prioritary needed audio tools
such as AKG WO mics, Web hosting, CD Baby distribution, LapTop, new soundcard...
$500 upfront for two summer shows where I shall rent monthly for all of the sponsors private events a set of B52s

Sponsoring acknowledgements on Tour Posters and WebSite by temporal (date) order ( no other hyarchies )
Starting @ 100$ [written in bold fonts] and @ 10$ [unbolded fonts]

Ocean Loverz
from all walks of life
who contributed
Financially, as Acknowledged Sponsors
, to one or many of the various phases & levels of the XZNN Missions
( the most recent contribution appearing at the top)

Sponsor Name (0-100$)
Sponsor Name (100-1000$)
Sponsor Name (1000-10 000$)
Sponsor Name (10 000-100 000$)
Sponsor Name (100 000-1 000 000$)
Sponsor Name (1 000 000-10 000 000$)
Sponsor Name (10 000 000-100 000 000$)
Sponsor Name (100 000 000-1 000 000 000$)
Sponsor Name (over one billion$ :: Strong Dark Island Attractor, nearing relative finality of the necessity for currency regulations and inevitability of markets speculations)

HomeWork ::
Answer any potential questions
your sponsors may ask you (ref. James Grand Louis, first nation 613-443-3243/764-2192)


When you talk, do not just look at the CEO but address yourself to everyone by somewhat scanning your audience: and constantly see that this same audience remains conscentrated on your case. AND WHEN IN COURT, YOU ALWAYS ADDRESS YOURSELF DIRECTLY AND EXCLUSIVELY TO THE JUDGE, LOOKING AT HIM STRAIGHT IN THE EYES, SPEAKING EARNESTLY.

VERY WELL DRESSED / "LOCKED" : Top Dress-Gear (Leather pans, power-belt, laptop,cocoon, ...) =$$$$

James presented me a series of very essential questions to be prepared for to answer :: ask him which ones again.

James, I would be honored to have you as the the initial sponsor, as a first nation, of The XZNN Holografyk Projekt so as to remind to me and all of the proper american hyrarchy: at least for the remaining of the ongoing preparation phase (500$) and as well for the humble but definitive introductory series of free outdoors SGDs in August 2004 (2000$).

James, would you assist me in my sponsorial financing campaign as a First Nation Brother WarriorSpokesman for The XZNN Holografyk Projekt (tell him about the little book Native American Wisdom you always carry on you)

Gerardo Paimiente could you be my associate spokesman for The XZNN Holografyk Projekt

Ce qu'on n'a pas encore assez developpe au Quebec, et ce dont on devrait se preoccuper, c'est le pret de gre a gre, d'individu a individu. Les Quebecois ne vont pas chercher le financement dans leur entourage immediat pour les aider a lancer leur entreprise. C'est pourtant une facon simple, rassurante et extremement flexible de se financer. Ca marche! Daniel Langlois a fait appel a ses amis artistes, et a leurs amis, et aux amis des amis, pour financer Softimage avant de devenir le succes que l'on connait aujourd'hui.






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To open a business in the usa, being a canadian, the people in Burlington (Vermont) will be delighted to turn your request into a reality.
Go to the Chamber Of Commerce of this town.
Tell them you are from Montreal and that you want to open a business in the usa. That's it. They will take it from there even providing you with a POBox.

Reference: Raymond, friend of Araz.

Also told me to create a partnership with a young student, in any field provided that the person is truly interested to commit, that shall take care, under your supervision, of the financial aspects of the XHP.





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- SPONSONSORS (Sponsors related questions page/link)
- INVESTORS (Investors related questions page/link)
- SOCIETY (Non For Profit, Members related questions page/link)
Demographic voting members: GAMZ voting members [membership = 100$/year (minimum Socan ticket price for any Gamz concerts during subcribded year)]
Geographic voting members: Special Events voting members [membership = 1000$/year (minimum Socan ticket price for any Gamz concerts during subcribded year)]
- FOUNDATION, YLO (Young Youth Offerings related questions page/link)
[membership = anyone under 18 years old (automatic membership valid as long as member comply to membership requirements)]
- OLO (OceanLoverzOffrandes real-free-trade model link)

With Nikki Ferrari, for the USA SonoraKaligrafykllz leg.
With CWBP, for the CANADA SonoraKaligrafykllz leg.
New new new solutions. Innovations.

How are you going to present the Pueblas Ceremonias?





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