"Sun will shine for a very few"
(from Love Hell chorus)
which hopes to clear 90% of the population, Love Hell prophesizes
the remaining of only a small percentage of the souls on Earth to be present on 5th dimensional Gaia.

LoveHell n v linmbtml is essentially actualizing Ytself through and by the Free & Open Energetykll
Xshangez occuring Volitionally amidst the Human People. Yt yiz All about Konsheous
Gyvyng & Konsheous Receyvyng.

The Offrandes, Gifts, are the very manifestations of true, genuine, Human achievements
regarding our ongoing Terrestrial Evolution. The Offrandes belong to One
Another, freeflowing from One to the Other... Are to be given & received
in an ever increasing cycle of Joy through Loyalty, Love & Fraternity,
and, always accompanied by a real sense of transitory -leasing-like- propriety.

The Ocean Loverz are You & I, all of Us together, as we shall choose to share
what we truly are in total Konsheousness All Together. Thys Ocean of Loverz
yiz right now to be born.