Spiritual Literature Restated Fragments
WRITER's Notes







Spiritually uplifting extracts to be derived, inspired from and/or simply quoted as renewed Ovv Wordz fragments from brethren authors such as:

The Urantia Book
Barbara Marciniak books
SanayaRoman books
Eckhart Tolle books
Bagavad Gita
etc. ...

Some of these works pertain to the public domain and some are still currently privately or organisationally owned, copyrightwise.

Authorship as well as royalties ownership shall be properly acknowledged and remunarated,
including the SonoraWrites contribution regarding semantical restructuralization of these various preexistent sources.

Every religion of the whole people of the world
adds a unique perspective to the infinite conceptualization of our Father eternal.
CWBP shall learn from as well as be conveyed the essential treasures of each religions
through fraternal teachings from his brothers & sisters, all over the world ...

In this transmitive way, the broadest spiritual viewpoints shall be honored
in, through and by the XZNN musical lyryx
within and transthrough the XHP.

For XZNN = = cross religions.

It was a new shoot of it, which, as I say, did not attempt to put down people's faith,
and used the religion of the people to inform them about their rights.
And I think that was one of the most important moments of the twentieth century:
the birth of that new expression of equality.
Quoted from Bono In Conversation, Riverhead Books, p.206 [2].

And Bono quotes from the Bible, p.207(also in Urantia):
No greater love has a man
than he lays his life down
for his sister & brother.







Carl William Burton Poirier