War has become a matter of history, and there are no more armies or police forces. Government is gradually disappearing. Self-control is slowly rendering laws of human enactment obsolete. The extent of civil government and statutory regulation, in an intermediate state of advancing civilization, is in inverse proportion to the morality and spirituality of the citizenship.

The URANTIA Book [630,1]

The peace of Urantia will be promoted far more by international trade organizations than by all the sentimental sophistry of visionary peace planning. Trade relations have been facilitated by development of language and by improved methods of communication as well as by better transportation.

The absence of a common language has always impeded the growth of peace groups, but money has become the universal language of modern trade. Modern society is largely held together by the industrial market. The gain motive is a mighty civilizer when augmented by the desire to serve.

The URANTIA Book [787,4] to [787,5]

* The people and organisations who desire to inscribe their Offrandes through the fiscal tax framework, for whatever reasons there may be, are free and invited to do so. For all of the others who want and can allow themselves to go even further through these innovative proceedings, intending to become the precursors of this new real free exchange system, it must be happily understood that the Universe will prove Itself to be even more generous and surprising through Its own bursts. Bursts Of infinite jewels of which It will adorn yourself by dressing you out of the most beautiful colors & from the richest opportunities. From the same act of confidance and the increasing faith that you will have known & dared showing to It, It will honor you.

It is essential to well gauge your donations. Give what feels comfortable for you to offer: no less no more. A small donation will be very well received and will allow you to experiment in peace one of Life's most important ethical process there is : to boldly give free from any expectations and in a detached manner thus showing your absolute confidance into the Universal Divine Love.

Those who feel ready to Offer more, of their fortune, of their love and of their energy, will learn in joy, if this is not already done, that the Universe always gives back much more in return, and out of multiplied planes, that which we have offered with sincerity and conviction. It is then essential to open and prepare oneself, as one's turn comes, to receive in order to perpetuate this marvelous eternal cycle which form together the receiver and the giver. One been unable to breathe without the other: the giver opening him/herself to receive and the receiver searchig for where to truly give for at last transcend the juvenile illusions and lack of balance of the egos that Love, so Fragile but Almighty, will then be able to freely liberate.

Also, is it important to anew specify that it remains essential that you give what will appear to you as just, good and rightly balanced so that you feel perfectly at ease with the donation that is your Offrande. This will allow you to appreciate conscientiously the multiple positive effects of your own actions on the world, of the impact of your own creations into your Heart and that which of the ones that surround you.


** ANIMA is the designer clothing entirely conceived by Araz which allows one to inhabitate and to freely travel & live all over the planet: a second skin protecting oneself against the inclemency as well as a matrice for the body who desires to relax itself from a day filled with phenomenal discoveries. Such an animal, the human, while journeying, can now sleep wherever & whenever she/he thinks fit. Anywhere from the Wild Jungles to the busy Cities to the Klear Deserts.


NOTA: The Xznn (plural = Xznnz), as a unit of exchange, has now borrowed one of Its earthly ethereal aspects the most currently coveted. This new current, It induces, is here and now in perpetual transformation. It will metamorphose Itself until Its perfect dissolution, while the Union will be actually realized. Xznn, such the cameleon, vastly puts on the multiplicity of Its always more mysterious senses. Its impenetrable unveilings successively open into infinite worlds of dazzling Domains. Domains towards which Love draws closer into the hot sweet waves of Yts own advent so wished for… So let wished for.

NOTA 2016: Only one currency worldwide, the Xznn. One Fitness Wristband [ID/Xznn/NewEarthAbundanceAccount/Passport/... (fully exempt from traditional cabalistic embedded/associated technology)] per human being. Proprietary satellite, or land based, WIFI I/O communication/update. One per small and large entity (governments, corporations, institutions, ...) whom assumes infra/intrastructural distribution/allowance strictly upon positive Xznn/NewEarthAbundanceCouncil eligibility analysis. Once the Xznn apparatus has been sufficiently deployed, and banking and credit card networks thus repurposed, the Xznn/NewEarthAbundanceCouncil will be activated worldwide. At the moment, 10 000Xznnz per month per Human Being. Corporate/Gov/Institution rate at the discretion of the Xznn/NewEarthAbundanceCouncil [entities must demonstrate full humanitarian usefulness/compliance]. Since the Xznn is the only currency that will be officially recognized, and that all Human Beings have equal rights, it does not require any form "gold based" trichery, rather it can be further issued, ad infinitum, according to the decrees of the Xznn/NewEarthAbundanceCouncil.

NOTA 2019:
Numerical figures within 'UnconditionalFinancial&HumanSupport&Assistance' (above) are all representing centrillions since December 22nd 2018, so that the UPP is presently valued at 99 440 000 000 Centrillions Xznnz, where one Xznn equates a $CAN. Initially, these figures may be redeemed as decillions so as to progressively approach the Xznnillionical [10eInfinite] reality objective whence the UNION will be attained, and where monetary systems shall become obsolete altogether.

And, the basic personal allowance, basic income, remains to default at 5 000Xznnz/Month/HumanBeing.

The XHP, is essentially an ethereal, ether based/rooted system/essence from which is derived/downstepped the XTI, itself a terrestrial/material solutions oriented initiative.

The Xznn World Bank can efforlessly produce such quantic numerations since it is EACH individual Human Being who IS the value, and definitly not gold nor any other unrelated "goods" or machinations.

All of this is very sage, pretty subtle and mostly poetic. But you, finally, can you at last resent that which it is to give and to receive… ... and that which is to receive and to give ?

: : : : : As a North American currency representation, the Xznn is reaching the CAN Dollar the 21 of December 2012 … then readjusting itself to the Yuan by 2018

Million = 1x 10e6
Billion = 1 x 10e9
Googol = 1 x 10e100
Skewer's number = 1 x 10e130
Centillion = 1 x 10e303
Googolplex = 1 x 10e10e100
Xznnillion = 1 x 10eYnfynytt,
which practically means,
continuous unlimited funding as expressed originatively
within http://thexhp.com/TheVyzyonFullVyzyon.htm

by Lisa Renee
December 19, 2016






At one time physicians believed in bloodletting as a cure for many diseases, but they have since discovered better remedies for most of these disorders. And so must the international bloodletting of war certainly give place to the discovery of better methods for curing the ills of nations.

The nations of Urantia have already entered upon the gigantic struggle between nationalistic militarism and industrialism, and in many ways this conflict is analogous to the agelong struggle between the herder-hunter and the farmer. But if industrialism is to triumph over militarism, it must avoid the dangers which beset it. The perils of budding industry on Urantia are:

1. The strong drift toward materialism, spiritual blindness.
2. The worship of wealth-power, value distortion.
3. The vices of luxury, cultural immaturity.
4. The increasing dangers of indolence, service insensitivity.
5. The growth of undesirable racial softness, biologic deterioration.
6. The threat of standardized industrial slavery, personality stagnation. Labor is ennobling but drudgery is benumbing.

Militarism is autocratic and cruel--savage. It promotes social organization among the conquerors but disintegrates the vanquished. Industrialism is more civilized and should be so carried on as to promote initiative and to encourage individualism. Society should in every way possible foster originality.

Do not make the mistake of glorifying war; rather discern what it has done for society so that you may the more accurately visualize what its substitutes must provide in order to continue the advancement of civilization. And if such adequate substitutes are not provided, then you may be sure that war will long continue.

Man will never accept peace as a normal mode of living until he has been thoroughly and repeatedly convinced that peace is best for his material welfare, and until society has wisely provided peaceful substitutes for the gratification of that inherent tendency periodically to let loose a collective drive designed to liberate those ever-accumulating emotions and energies belonging to the self-preservation reactions of the human species.

But even in passing, war should be honored as the school of experience which compelled a race of arrogant individualists to submit themselves to highly concentrated authority--a chief executive. Old-fashioned war did select the innately great men for leadership, but modern war no longer does this. To discover leaders society must now turn to the conquests of peace: industry, science, and social achievement.

The URANTIA Book [786,1] to [786, end]


The brotherhood of men is founded on the fatherhood of God. The family of God is derived from the love of God--God is love. God the Father divinely loves his children, all of them.

The kingdom of heaven, the divine government, is founded on the fact of divine sovereignty--God is spirit. Since God is spirit, this kingdom is spiritual. The kingdom of heaven is neither material nor merely intellectual; it is a spiritual relationship between God and man.

If different religions recognize the spirit sovereignty of God the Father, then will all such religions remain at peace. Only when one religion assumes that it is in some way superior to all others, and that it possesses exclusive authority over other religions, will such a religion presume to be intolerant of other religions or dare to persecute other religious believers.

Religious peace--brotherhood--can never exist unless all religions are willing to completely divest themselves of all ecclesiastical authority and fully surrender all concept of spiritual sovereignty. God alone is spirit sovereign.

You cannot have equality among religions (religious liberty) without having religious wars unless all religions consent to the transfer of all religious sovereignty to some superhuman level, to God himself.

The kingdom of heaven in the hearts of men will create religious unity (not necessarily uniformity) because any and all religious groups composed of such religious believers will be free from all notions of ecclesiastical authority--religious sovereignty.

God is spirit, and God gives a fragment of his spirit self to dwell in the heart of man. Spiritually, all men are equal. The kingdom of heaven is free from castes, classes, social levels, and economic groups. You are all brethren.

But the moment you lose sight of the spirit sovereignty of God the Father, some one religion will begin to assert its superiority over other religions; and then, instead of peace on earth and good will among men, there will start dissensions, recriminations, even religious wars, at least wars among religionists.

Freewill beings who regard themselves as equals, unless they mutually acknowledge themselves as subject to some supersovereignty, some authority over and above themselves, sooner or later are tempted to try out their ability to gain power and authority over other persons and groups. The concept of equality never brings peace except in the mutual recognition of some overcontrolling influence of supersovereignty.

The Urmia religionists lived together in comparative peace and tranquillity because they had fully surrendered all their notions of religious sovereignty. Spiritually, they all believed in a sovereign God; socially, full and unchallengeable authority rested in their presiding head--Cymboyton. They well knew what would happen to any teacher who assumed to lord it over his fellow teachers. There can be no lasting religious peace on Urantia until all religious groups freely surrender all their notions of divine favor, chosen people, and religious sovereignty. Only when God the Father becomes supreme will men become religious brothers and live together in religious peace on earth.

POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY [While the Master's teaching concerning the sovereignty of God is a truth--only complicated by the subsequent appearance of the religion about him among the world's religions--his presentations concerning political sovereignty are vastly complicated by the political evolution of nation life during the last nineteen hundred years and more. In the times of Jesus there were only two great world powers--the Roman Empire in the West and the Han Empire in the East--and these were widely separated by the Parthian kingdom and other intervening lands of the Caspian and Turkestan regions. We have, therefore, in the following presentation departed more widely from the substance of the Master's teachings at Urmia concerning political sovereignty, at the same time attempting to depict the import of such teachings as they are applicable to the peculiarly critical stage of the evolution of political sovereignty in the twentieth century after Christ.]

War on Urantia will never end so long as nations cling to the illusive notions of unlimited national sovereignty. There are only two levels of relative sovereignty on an inhabited world: the spiritual free will of the individual mortal and the collective sovereignty of mankind as a whole. Between the level of the individual human being and the level of the total of mankind, all groupings and associations are relative, transitory, and of value only in so far as they enhance the welfare, well-being, and progress of the individual and the planetary grand total--man and mankind.

Religious teachers must always remember that the spiritual sovereignty of God overrides all intervening and intermediate spiritual loyalties. Someday civil rulers will learn that the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men.

This rule of the Most Highs in the kingdoms of men is not for the especial benefit of any especially favored group of mortals. There is no such thing as a "chosen people." The rule of the Most Highs, the overcontrollers of political evolution, is a rule designed to foster the greatest good to the greatest number of all men and for the greatest length of time.

Sovereignty is power and it grows by organization. This growth of the organization of political power is good and proper, for it tends to encompass ever-widening segments of the total of mankind. But this same growth of political organizations creates a problem at every intervening stage between the initial and natural organization of political power--the family--and the final consummation of political growth--the government of all mankind, by all mankind, and for all mankind.

Starting out with parental power in the family group, political sovereignty evolves by organization as families overlap into consanguineous clans which become united, for various reasons, into tribal units--superconsanguineous political groupings. And then, by trade, commerce, and conquest, tribes become unified as a nation, while nations themselves sometimes become unified by empire.

As sovereignty passes from smaller groups to larger groups, wars are lessened. That is, minor wars between smaller nations are lessened, but the potential for greater wars is increased as the nations wielding sovereignty become larger and larger. Presently, when all the world has been explored and occupied, when nations are few, strong, and powerful, when these great and supposedly sovereign nations come to touch borders, when only oceans separate them, then will the stage be set for major wars, world-wide conflicts. So-called sovereign nations cannot rub elbows without generating conflicts and eventuating wars.

The difficulty in the evolution of political sovereignty from the family to all mankind, lies in the inertia-resistance exhibited on all intervening levels. Families have, on occasion, defied their clan, while clans and tribes have often been subversive of the sovereignty of the territorial state. Each new and forward evolution of political sovereignty is (and has always been) embarrassed and hampered by the "scaffolding stages" of the previous developments in political organization. And this is true because human loyalties, once mobilized, are hard to change. The same loyalty which makes possible the evolution of the tribe, makes difficult the evolution of the supertribe--the territorial state. And the same loyalty (patriotism) which makes possible the evolution of the territorial state, vastly complicates the evolutionary development of the government of all mankind.

Political sovereignty is created out of the surrender of self-determinism, first by the individual within the family and then by the families and clans in relation to the tribe and larger groupings. This progressive transfer of self-determination from the smaller to ever larger political organizations has generally proceeded unabated in the East since the establishment of the Ming and the Mogul dynasties. In the West it obtained for more than a thousand years right on down to the end of the World War, when an unfortunate retrograde movement temporarily reversed this normal trend by re-establishing the submerged political sovereignty of numerous small groups in Europe.

Urantia will not enjoy lasting peace until the so-called sovereign nations intelligently and fully surrender their sovereign powers into the hands of the brotherhood of men--mankind government. Internationalism--Leagues of Nations--can never bring permanent peace to mankind. World-wide confederations of nations will effectively prevent minor wars and acceptably control the smaller nations, but they will not prevent world wars nor control the three, four, or five most powerful governments. In the face of real conflicts, one of these world powers will withdraw from the League and declare war. You cannot prevent nations going to war as long as they remain infected with the delusional virus of national sovereignty. Internationalism is a step in the right direction. An international police force will prevent many minor wars, but it will not be effective in preventing major wars, conflicts between the great military governments of earth.

As the number of truly sovereign nations (great powers) decreases, so do both opportunity and need for mankind government increase. When there are only a few really sovereign (great) powers, either they must embark on the life and death struggle for national (imperial) supremacy, or else, by voluntary surrender of certain prerogatives of sovereignty, they must create the essential nucleus of supernational power which will serve as the beginning of the real sovereignty of all mankind.

Peace will not come to Urantia until every so-called sovereign nation surrenders its power to make war into the hands of a representative government of all mankind. Political sovereignty is innate with the peoples of the world. When all the peoples of Urantia create a world government, they have the right and the power to make such a government SOVEREIGN; and when such a representative or democratic world power controls the world's land, air, and naval forces, peace on earth and good will among men can prevail--but not until then.

To use an important nineteenth- and twentieth-century illustration: The forty-eight states of the American Federal Union have long enjoyed peace. They have no more wars among themselves. They have surrendered their sovereignty to the federal government, and through the arbitrament of war, they have abandoned all claims to the delusions of self-determination. While each state regulates its internal affairs, it is not concerned with foreign relations, tariffs, immigration, military affairs, or interstate commerce. Neither do the individual states concern themselves with matters of citizenship. The forty-eight states suffer the ravages of war only when the federal government's sovereignty is in some way jeopardized.

These forty-eight states, having abandoned the twin sophistries of sovereignty and self-determination, enjoy interstate peace and tranquillity. So will the nations of Urantia begin to enjoy peace when they freely surrender their respective sovereignties into the hands of a global government--the sovereignty of the brotherhood of men. In this world state the small nations will be as powerful as the great, even as the small state of Rhode Island has its two senators in the American Congress just the same as the populous state of New York or the large state of Texas.

The limited (state) sovereignty of these forty-eight states was created by men and for men. The superstate (national) sovereignty of the American Federal Union was created by the original thirteen of these states for their own benefit and for the benefit of men. Sometime the supernational sovereignty of the planetary government of mankind will be similarly created by nations for their own benefit and for the benefit of all men.

Citizens are not born for the benefit of governments; governments are organizations created and devised for the benefit of men. There can be no end to the evolution of political sovereignty short of the appearance of the government of the sovereignty of all men. All other sovereignties are relative in value, intermediate in meaning, and subordinate in status.

With scientific progress, wars are going to become more and more devastating until they become almost racially suicidal. How many world wars must be fought and how many leagues of nations must fail before men will be willing to establish the government of mankind and begin to enjoy the blessings of permanent peace and thrive on the tranquillity of good will--world-wide good will--among men?

If one man craves freedom--liberty--he must remember that all other men long for the same freedom. Groups of such liberty-loving mortals cannot live together in peace without becoming subservient to such laws, rules, and regulations as will grant each person the same degree of freedom while at the same time safeguarding an equal degree of freedom for all of his fellow mortals. If one man is to be absolutely free, then another must become an absolute slave. And the relative nature of freedom is true socially, economically, and politically. Freedom is the gift of civilization made possible by the enforcement of LAW.

Religion makes it spiritually possible to realize the brotherhood of men, but it will require mankind government to regulate the social, economic, and political problems associated with such a goal of human happiness and efficiency.

There shall be wars and rumors of wars--nation will rise against nation--just as long as the world's political sovereignty is divided up and unjustly held by a group of nation-states. England, Scotland, and Wales were always fighting each other until they gave up their respective sovereignties, reposing them in the United Kingdom.

Another world war will teach the so-called sovereign nations to form some sort of federation, thus creating the machinery for preventing small wars, wars between the lesser nations. But global wars will go on until the government of mankind is created. Global sovereignty will prevent global wars--nothing else can.

The forty-eight American free states live together in peace. There are among the citizens of these forty-eight states all of the various nationalities and races that live in the ever-warring nations of Europe. These Americans represent almost all the religions and religious sects and cults of the whole wide world, and yet here in North America they live together in peace. And all this is made possible because these forty-eight states have surrendered their sovereignty and have abandoned all notions of the supposed rights of self-determination.

It is not a question of armaments or disarmament. Neither does the question of conscription or voluntary military service enter into these problems of maintaining world-wide peace. If you take every form of modern mechanical armaments and all types of explosives away from strong nations, they will fight with fists, stones, and clubs as long as they cling to their delusions of the divine right of national sovereignty.

War is not man's great and terrible disease; war is a symptom, a result. The real disease is the virus of national sovereignty.

Urantia nations have not possessed real sovereignty; they never have had a sovereignty which could protect them from the ravages and devastations of world wars. In the creation of the global government of mankind, the nations are not giving up sovereignty so much as they are actually creating a real, bona fide, and lasting world sovereignty which will henceforth be fully able to protect them from all war. Local affairs will be handled by local governments; national affairs, by national governments; international affairs will be administered by global government.

World peace cannot be maintained by treaties, diplomacy, foreign policies, alliances, balances of power, or any other type of makeshift juggling with the sovereignties of nationalism. World law must come into being and must be enforced by world government--the sovereignty of all mankind.

The individual will enjoy far more liberty under world government. Today, the citizens of the great powers are taxed, regulated, and controlled almost oppressively, and much of this present interference with individual liberties will vanish when the national governments are willing to trustee their sovereignty as regards international affairs into the hands of global government.

Under global government the national groups will be afforded a real opportunity to realize and enjoy the personal liberties of genuine democracy. The fallacy of self-determination will be ended. With global regulation of money and trade will come the new era of world-wide peace. Soon may a global language evolve, and there will be at least some hope of sometime having a global religion--or religions with a global viewpoint.

Collective security will never afford peace until the collectivity includes all mankind.

The political sovereignty of representative mankind government will bring lasting peace on earth, and the spiritual brotherhood of man will forever insure good will among all men. And there is no other way whereby peace on earth and good will among men can be realized.


After the death of Cymboyton, his sons encountered great difficulties in maintaining a peaceful faculty. The repercussions of Jesus' teachings would have been much greater if the later Christian teachers who joined the Urmia faculty had exhibited more wisdom and exercised more tolerance.

Cymboyton's eldest son had appealed to Abner at Philadelphia for help, but Abner's choice of teachers was most unfortunate in that they turned out to be unyielding and uncompromising. These teachers sought to make their religion dominant over the other beliefs. They never suspected that the oft-referred-to lectures of the caravan conductor had been delivered by Jesus himself.

As confusion increased in the faculty, the three brothers withdrew their financial support, and after five years the school closed. Later it was reopened as a Mithraic temple and eventually burned down in connection with one of their orgiastic celebrations.

THE TRANSITION YEARS [1486,4] to [1491,7]


The Return To Magadan [1771,3] to [1771,4]
Development Of The State [800,1] to [807,11]
The Evolution Of Government [783,1] to [799,1]
Government On A Neighboring Planet [808,1] to [820,3]

























Our next step in living the new spiritual awareness begins with a shared intuition of where our evolution in consciousness is leading. What would be happening, for instance, if everyone were living the new awareness as we have described it so far? How would the human culture change? Pursuing the answers to these questions begins to open us up to an inner vision of human destiny, and I believe we can already see aspects of our culture in transformation. THE IMPORTANCE OF TITHING Ubiquitous among the classic mystical literature is the assertion that there exists a universal law of giving and receiving. Whether it is the biblical concept of ''reaping what we sow'' or the law of karma in the East, religions teach that our intentions and actions return to us, for better or worse. ''What comes around goes around'' is the contemporary way of expressing this idea. Many religious and mystical thinkers have applied this principle to the ideal flow of money in society, relating this esoteric idea of cause and effect to the scriptural idea of tithing. Charles Fillmore, founder of Unity Church, Napoleon Hill, and Norman Vincent Peale all made the case that giving of our love and energy, including the giving of money, always creates an effect in the world that brings even more money and opportunity back our way. As far as I'm aware, no one has done any formal research on this matter, but the anecdotal evidence in support of this principle, as more people try the process for themselves, seem to be mounting rapidly. One problem in the past has been that traditional churches, influenced by the old paradigm that removed the mystery and miracle from the univers, spoke of tithing only during their yearly fund-raising. That made people feel tithing was just a way to support churches. However, I believe that our open sharing of spiritual experience in recent decades is quickly broadening our understanding of the tithing process. The belief seems to be growing that the act of giving engages a metaphysical process totally congruent with our knowledge that the universe is responsive. Another issue in the past has been where to give our tithes. Some people still believe that only founded churches qualify, because they are the keepers of the faith and provide a constant stream of spiritual information. Others say that any gift of charity is essentially a tithe and thus engages the universe for a response. I think what we are discovering is that tithing is a process that must always be integrated into the rest of the synchronistic movement in our lives. In other words, we will know where to give based on the synchronicity of the situation. From that view, tithes are of two kinds. One is intuitive, a response to an urge to give money to an individual or organization because we feel inwardly directed to do so. A friend of mine says he is guided by this question: If God couldn't come and sent you instead, what difference would God have made in the situation? At the highest level, we give because we are there. If we don't respond to the situation, who will? The other kind of tithe, and the one that is especially significant for the transformation of human society, is the tithe that is given to our sources of spiritual information-that is to say, to the specific sources of our everyday synchronistic moments. Because churches and spiritual organizations can bring us information at just the right time, they will certainly continue to be the beneficiaries of tithes, but so will individuals. As we've seen, it is almost always the messages coming from other people that lead us forward in our journey. Tithing is a way to respond. Let's imagine for a moment that everyone who is living his or her synchronistic growth begins to tithes others in this manner. A whole new type of economic flow would begin. We would give money spontaneously to the people who brings us messages, and, as we told our truth to others, money would come to us in exactly the same way. (On a personal note, I've received many tithes, and my policy is to pass on the money with a tithe of my own. And I would ask anyone who might want to tithe me in the futur to please forward that money to a local charity.) I believe spontaneous giving is supplementing our economic system, confirming the idea and the faith that synchronicity can supplement and extend the sole focus on logical planning held by the old paradigm. We are not giving up the large networks of people we already do business with in the usual economic way. We are spontaneously adding to them, freeing the whole global economic system to jump to a higher level of productivity. THE NEW ECONOMY Introducing the practice of synchronistically tithing also helps us adapt to several other economic trends that are disturbing: the downsizing of industries, businesses, and corporations and the stagnation of wages in the developed countries because of global competition. Downsizing is not possible unless the remaining employees can increase their porductivity, which is exactly what computers and improved communication systems allow. Increased wage competition is to be expected if the rest of the world is going to participate in the level of creativity we in the developed nations have achieved, so this trend will continue and we must adapt. This certainly doesn't mean that we should encourage developing countries to make the same mistakes that we have made, such as the wasteful use of resources or the exploitation of workers, but most of us would agree, I think, that they have a right to participate in the world economy. So how do we deal with these issues? First of all, we have to see the larger picture of the economic evolution. In the United States, some of the most watched economic indicators are those measuring productivity, the amount of goods and services produced per unit of labor. If our production goes up, we think our economy is healthy and growing. Yet we must ask the question, where will this process end? Every year fewer and fewer people will provide ever more of the basic necessities of life. Our challenge is to think of this evolution not as negative, but as extremely positive, because out of this process will ultimately come the liberation of our creative attention. We can see, I believe, that much of what we are going through is part of the destined economic evolution of the world, and we can orient ourselves best by becoming conscious of the process. In the short run, we have to adapt to the shift from industrial manufacturing, which will become ever more automated, to jobs and businesses providing not goods, but information. And the data show that we already are. In the United States, increasingly more people are going into business for themselves-yet these businesses are not chiefly retail or storefront businesses requiring high amounts of capital; they are niche jobs, run out of individual's homes. In America, nearly 35 million households now have a flexible home business, and most of these jobs are in the information sector. But I believe we can see in the long run that eventually our basic necessities will be totally automated and that our economic life will orient almost completely around the flow of timely information. At first, this will be information concerning the automation process, but eventually it will reflect our evolution into a spirtual culture and will involve information of a purely spiritual nature. The implementation of tithing into the system will obviously facilitate this process, at first supplementing our incomes as the economy shifts, and then gradually replacing the old system of charging for our services with a system whereby one tells one's truth in an ongoing flow of synchronistic encounters and receives money as the recipients give tithes. As outrageous as this sounds from the point of view of the old competitive paradigm, I believe we can see that such a system is inherent in the operation of capitalism. As we shall discuss later, if we are truly motivated by the capitalist principle of finding a need and filling it, this is the only possible futur for our economy. The first stage in setting up such a system would be a basic right to ownership, through stock perhaps, of the automated industries. This would garantee access to the needs of subsistence, after which we would earn income by providing synchronistic information and services. Eventually, under such a system, we could stop using currency altogether, just as science fiction writers have prophesied. This assumes, certainly, that the new spiritual awareness as we've pictured it so far has become a human reality. In addition, key technological discoveries would have to take place, including a low-cost source of energy. But we are closer to these discoveries than ever before. According to Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, we are on the verge of making practical several new energy sources, including the much debated process of cold fusion. If a lower-cost energy can be integrated into the world economy, automation will soar. Most important of all, perhaps, is that we must begin now to live this new economic idea. Will there be economic ploblems along the way? If William Greider is right in his recent book One World, Ready or Not, we must be prepared for some economic disruption resulting from current financial speculating. According to Greider, the whole world is in the same position the United States faced in 1929: borrowing too much for the purpose of economic speculation. When the bubble burst in 1929, there was suddenly a general shortage of cash. Banks that had lent depositors' money for speculation failed and had to close their doors, and many lost their life savings. In response, the United States implemented limits on domestic borrowing and instituted deposit insurance, and many other governments did the same. But in recent years, in response to the growing world market, governments have allowed financial capital to cross borders without much regulation, so that now there is a growing amount of money that is invested and speculated internationally in exactly the same ways that created economic failure in 1929. Today, this worldwide speculation crosses all the major currencies, without any one government being able to do much about it. Huge amounts of money can be borrowed in one country and invested speculatively in another with few limits. Could there be a misstep, a meltdown, that could seriously jeopardize the health of one or more countries' banking system or currency? Of course there could. Such global problems only emphasize the need for local economies to become stronger. Synchronistic tithing can ground and circumvent problems resulting from other excesses. SYNCHRONICITY AND ENERGY What about the other shifts in human culture that are resulting from the new spiritual awareness? Perhaps most important is the continued expansion of our personal energy levels. Once we experience the full inflow of energy during a mystical experience and the synchronicity of our lives begins to reveal our personal truth, we can systematically institute in our lives -as we deliver this truth- ever higher degrees of this original mystical energy. In other words, as we stay on the synchronistic path, we are able to live at even higher states of energy. And is this not the process that has been behind human history and striving from the beginning? Ever since records have been kept, humans have grown stronger and lived longer with each successive generation. Further, human civilization has created ever more sophisticated exemples of what we have always called genius. A greater percentage of the world's population than ever before in human history now lives an inspired and energetic life. In the past, we have explained this progress in terms of secular materialism -that is, in terms of better food, better hygiene, and advances in medicine. Yet, as we have seen, the old materialistic world view is itself evolving into a new understanding in which we know that in reality there is no material. At the most minute levels, the atoms of our bodies fade away into mere patterns of energy, vibratory waves that can shift form and reconstitute themselves in amazing ways. Howelse can we explain events such as spontaneous healing in which tumors disappear or tissues regenerate virtually overnight? The progress of the generations is a progress of inspiration, faith, and confidence, and ever-increasing levels of inner energy. THE LESSON OF SPORTS If you speak with sports and exercice enthusiasts of all persuasions, you will find that most engage in the activity not because of the thrill of winning or to improve their appearance, but because of the inner rewards they feel. Running and other aerobic exercises bring on the thrill and euphoria of overcoming ''the wall,'' that feeling that one can go no further. And once the strenuous activity is over, participants report that they feel lighter, calmer, more coordinated, able to move more easily. We engage in sports and aerobic exercices because during and afterward we sense we are stronger, more energized, even smarter. And every year, we get better at it for a longer period of time. Bodybuilding, running, martial arts, tennis, ice-skating, jumping, golf, swimming, gymnastics -each has a perfomance envelope that is constantly being pushed outward as old records give way to new excellence. The old world view that reduces our bodies to muscles, bones, and ligaments has no real explanation for where this process will end. If pressed, a materialist will say that the human body will ultimately reach its full potential, so that a runner can then run no faster, or a weight lifter can raise not another pound, or a tennis player can surely not reach that ball blistered crosscourt. Yet, like the four-minute mile, every so-called barier will be crossed. We continue to move faster with better coordination and timing and lightness. So where will it end? The only answer that meets the facts is that it won't end. Sooner or later, those athletes running the 100-meter dash will be moving so fast that their bodies will instantly change form to respond to the will's certainty of what can be achieved. As they move down the track, they will be mere streaks of light. THE TESTIMONY OF THE YOGIS Throughout history, the East has produced men who have likewise pushed the envelope of human ability. In his important work The Futur of the Body, author Michael Murphy brought together an astounding collection of documented cases of unusual bodily transformation, including the ability to levitate, spontaneous changes in form, and the performance of unbelievable feats of strength. Many thinkers in the Eastern tradition consider these attributes the optimal result of yogic practice, still rare perhaps, but the expected outcome of years of meditation and movement practice. For centuries, the West has been completely astounded by such ability. The bible tells us that Jesus was seen to appear and disappear at will, walk on water, and so forth, but after Newton formalized the vision of a clockwork universe, such abilities were seen as magical or metaphoric, the stuff of myth of hoax, but certainly not an exemple of real human ability. Later, the Christian church explained these abilities as the mark of a deity, and certainly nothing that humans could possibly emulate. Yet as Michael Murphy has shown, examples of transcendent ability abound in both Western and Eastern history, and the awakening happening today includes a revision of what is possible not just for special adepts but for you and me as well. WHERE WE ARE GOING As we ponder these developments, we are envisioning how human culture will change in the future. And this vision will give us further courage to shift our lifestyles and fully embrace the spiritual world in which we live. The new world, as we have seen, can be one of great creativity and personal fulfillment. Imagine how life will be once most of the people we find ourselves talking with know the process and expect each conversation to be special and carry a message. The pace and style of human interaction will completely change, and this will quickly begin to impact the economy. Once enough of us understand and experientially prove that the principle of tithing works, we will embrace this process fully, synchronistically giving a percentage of our income to the source we feel urged to support. In the same way, opportunity and finances will come right back to us, quite magically, congruent with our expectations. The evidence is in the outcome. This giving economy will, as we discussed, first supplement our incomes as technological advances automate more and more of our material needs, and then will characterize the information age completly as our collective focus shifts from accumulating material security to engaging in the higher inspiration of synchronistic growth. And, once again, as the synchronicity continues and the inspiration soars, our bodies will be reaching even higher levels of energy until we become spiritual beings of light.













LANGAGE, the Art of Lyvyng aspect: Theoritical as well as Experiential

WOODZ HAV KALLED THE MAGYK STRYNG, the Ethereal Musykll Ynstruements aspect: various percussive prototypes have been successfully constructed

SONORA, the Publishing & Communication aspect: 11 Masters have already created a considerable bank of music Titles, a few precursorial Paintyngz, many scores of serious music, the MetaScript of an outstanding Cinematoghaphical Odyssey including documentaries & music videos... Sonora is also including the publishing of this SuperSite. The Communication leg is presently at a theoritical stage and promises a few global breakthroughs

SAKRED GEOMETRYKLL DREAMZ, the Happenings & Events aspects: strongly prototyped and effectively experienced, ready to initiate the LocalLandscapeSupraMentalization projects

33OM, the Mashynz aspect: amazing Designs are ready to be prototyped into formidable & unique Technologies

OKO, the Oqkultyzm aspect: always the presence of the OtherThan Yyz

DIVINITYZ, the Divinityz aspect: Theoritical as well as Experiential. Be ready to be Loved! Already strategized and ready to be fully experienced

XEO unifies by encompassiveness Xznn, Evollove & OVV Worldz and emerges as those 3 come to clear manifestation. WAVZ is soon to be incarnated and Ynfynytt Eternll, YE, yiz, in part, all of Thys.

Provided proper Financing and Human Assistance, any one of these aspects is, within a 2 to 3 month period, fully engaged into complete actualizational manifestation.

OLO contribution to the world yiz of primordial importance and yiz directly related to the Highest Success of the already engaged worldly evolutionary quantum leap we are all unconditionally participating to
OLO is essentially interested in the altruistic act of giving and the joyous right of receiving
OLO desires to create free exchanges with each and everyone of us on Earth: wether through giving, wether through receiving
OLO knows about Higher Love & Super Interconnectivity and is making sure the complete implementation of the strongest vibrations becomes real













Be lureless:

The Ones who have the amazing courage to CoCreate with Us Understand, Sense & Know, Now, That YE Yyz, essentially, experientially exystentializing the Travellation of the strongest Pathes of Power ever travelled by any Human Being to this Moment Yn Time...

J o i n as only YOU Can

April 9th 2000 Nevada










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