There is absolutly no button
that is pressed on the unit.

#UO1 = delayless (for Godiva)
#UO2= with a bit of delay (for Godiva)
#UO3 = lots of delay (for Godiva)

2120UserPrograms in bank 16:
#90user = silence NO SOUND [16/4]
#99user = TTFH HY [16/5]
#100user = XZN HP [16/1]
#14user = LAO [16/2]

WO, HB, have never being really utilizing this signal path: only the J200.
For the audio signal path utilized for WO, HB, which produced the NewGrooveTestDDL,
it is the ZZZ MONA BEH.htm which was utilized.







Carl William Burton Poirier